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Quilted Insulation

Made with quality synthetic and CruaBreatheTM materials, the Culla’s quilted layers are designed to breathe: decreasing condensation and maintaining a fresher internal environment for your journey outdoors.


Dual Ventilation & Insect-Resistant Mesh

Prioritizing airflow, the Culla’s ventilation and mesh system work together to maintain your comfort. Designed to be versatile, the Culla’s ventilation system ranges from ‘always open’ to adjustable, while all vents and doors are equipped with bug-mesh to prohibit unwanted guests from making a visit.


Pump & Deflate Airbeam Structure

Reinforced with state-of-the-art airframe technology, the Culla utilizes durable airbeams to make your campsite setup as easy as pump and deflate.


360° Cushioning

Quilted beneath your tent’s surface, the Culla’s plush interior covers your comfort from all angles. Roof, floor, walls and more, this quilted design feels like a plush paradise regardless of where you set up camp.

A Culla For Every Tent

Venturing solo, or with the whole fam? Regardless of where your next adventure takes you, or who’s in tow, upgrade your experience with the Culla.

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Expertly Crafted For A
Great Night’s Sleep

Call us camping nerds. We like it that way.
As tent scientists, we obsess over the microscopic details to deliver you the best night’s sleep outdoors.

Temperature Regulating

Our CruaBreatheTM Technology uses microfiber-enforced fabric to resist the conductive flow of heat: keeping you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Sound Dampening

Insulated from chirping birds and chattering neighbors, your Culla is the perfect escape for some uninterrupted rest.

Light Blocking

Love the idea of early mornings, but hate the wakeup call? Turn off the lights till you’re ready to rise with the Culla’s light-blocking design.

Fits With Other Tents

Bivy, dome, tunnel, or rooftop? Whatever your tent, we’re made to fit. From solo campers to family vacationers, the Culla’s got you covered.

Quick & Easy Setup With Airbeam Technology

Stress free and easy, our Airbeam technology makes setup and takedown a breeze.

Comfortable & Plush Interior

Who said camping had to be uncomfortable? Couldn’t be us. Our premium materials bring a touch of luxury to your rugged getaway.

UP your Camping Game

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Customers turned fans, our reviews speak for themselves.

I’d never used any type of tent insulation liner before this one, but now that I have, it’ll be hard to go back. It’s definitely kept me nice and warm in these fall months.


This is a really cool tent, it’s like sleeping in a blanket fort. Lightly insulated that naturally regulates temperature and reduces noise. The air beam frame is a really neat idea and works well. Very spacious for a three person tent.


My son is a scout and his troop camps monthly year round. The Culla has been a lifesaver. Even in February in Ohio he stayed toasty all night. Last night was 34 and he slept on top of his sleeping bag. Worth every penny for him to enjoy the outdoors year round!


Impressed by the size and how easy it was to set up. The family was warm, cosy and happy. Thank you, Crua.


Loved this little gem. I used it in some pretty chilly temps here and it worked a treat! I even used it standalone in one of my larger 3 person tents. Worked a treat.


What an amazing product. Can highly recommend it. Had the best camping experience ever. Quite compact but warm and cozy.